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This web site is aimed to provide you the most general information about any word that you would like to learn. In order to get any information, you just need to use search form. Type the word you want to find and press the button to perform the search. We hope that this site will be helpful for you. Everyday, many people are searching for millions of words. Some of them would like to know the meaning of the word, the other are curious about the correct usage of it, and some of them would like to know the translation of the word into other language. Out site provides all the listed information. And more than that, we have prepared different information, which may also be interesting to some group of people. For example, the numeric values of the words. This is really interesting that any word corresponds to a specific numeric value. We call this numerology. Please, checkout the site and find out many useful features it provides.

If you have not found any word, then please, use the feedback form to inform us about it. We will examine it and try to add to our database. Also, if you know foreign languages, then you may contribute to the development of our online resource. You may become an editor and share your knowledge with other people, who are willing to learn more about words. Any contribution is appreciated. You may add new words, edit the existing ones, translate the words to other languages, etc.

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Apr 22, 2014 02:21 emulsify
Apr 22, 2014 01:43 premeditate
Apr 21, 2014 23:14 clomp
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this site has been designed to provide people with information about any word that exists in the world. here you can search for any word and find its definition, meaning, translation, usage, etc. also, you can edit the information about the words. in this way, you can contribute to web site development. everyone is welcome to add any information about any word. every single contribution is appreciated. thanks in advance. we hope you will have a great time by learning new things about the words.